Nothing protects you more than a Lead Machine Services secured door.


Ultion 3★ Plus £2000 security guarantee.

With Ultion from Lead Machine Services, not only do you get unparalleled security and protection for your home, you’re also covered by our £2000 Security Guarantee in the event anyone breaks into your property.

Why is Ultion 3★ Plus more protection

3★ plus 1,000,000 cycle tests

Ultion’s core is made from molybdenum. Being 25% denser than iron brings extreme durability.

3★ plus more accreditation

Ultion has 3 star PLUS it has been accredited with Sold Secure Diamond. A much more severe test program carried out by locksmiths.

3★ plus Double Lockdown Mode

A series of attack pins are engaged in Ultion’s core when it detects an attack.


Compare The Difference with Lead Machine Services

Normal 3★ lock


3* Kitemark & Sold Secure Diamond

TS007 Durability Test Cycles



60% Thicker Key

Extra Strong Molybdenum Core

Double LockdownTM Mode

Free Key Control protection

Access all areas. Your one Ultion key.


Simplify life by securing your other doors with Ultion locks made to work from your current unique key. If you're a trusted key holder for family or friends you can even secure their door with a lock that uses your key so that in an emergency you always have their key with you.

3★ Plus Smart control

Ultion smart brings together Danalock technology, Ultion 3 star security and Sweet door furniture. A smart and secure lock with key operation and a £2000 security guarantee.

More great reasons to buy from
Lead Machine Services

3★ plus more drill protection

The molbdenum core and hardened steel pins, plugs and plates prevent a drill from reaching Ultion’s core.

3★ plus a stronger key

The 4mm thick Ultion key will continue to engage long after thinner keys have bent or snapped.

3★ plus a torch in a key

A torch, already in your hand, just when you need it the most.

Ultion Keycap. Easy to use and even more secure.

Very few things go with us everywhere, but our keys do. KeyCap not only makes your keys stylish, but their vibrant colours means you’ll always know which key is for which door.


Police Preferred Specification

Accredited with Secured By Design.

Approved by Locksmiths

Accredited with Sold Secure Diamond.

Approved by BSI

Accredited with TS007 3* (grade 6)